Maxalife Omega 3 Ultimate Review

In this review, we'll be taking a deep look at Maxalife Omega 3 Ultimate fish oil supplements to see whether they’re worth trying or not.

In this review, we’ll be taking a deep look at Maxalife Omega 3 Ultimate fish oil supplements – one of the most popular CoQ10 fish oil products online, to see whether they’re worth trying or not.

Note that this a review though, so if you’re just wondering where you can buy the Maxalife Omega 3 Ultimate fish oil,  just purchase them online on the Maxalife official website here.

What is the Special Ingredient Contained in Maxalife Omega 3 Ultimate?

CoQ10 is also known as Coenzyme Q10, it’s a is a vitamin-like substance produced by the human body and is necessary for the basic functioning of cells. CoQ10 levels are reported to decrease with age and to be low in patients with some chronic diseases such as heart conditions, muscular dystrophies, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS.

As an over-the-counter nutritional supplement, CoQ10 benefits include anti-aging, energy and endurance boosting, prevent heart disease and cancer.

BUT what contained in Maxalife Omega 3 Ultimate is not the ordinary CoQ10 that you are no doubt familiar with! It is a special type of CoQ10 called Ubiqui(nol) from Kaneka in Japan who were the original developers of CoQ10.

Why Put Ubiquinol Into Maxalife Omega 3 Ultimate Fish Oil?

Although there are other CoQ10 fish oil supplements on the market that contain Kaneka QH™, Maxalife has gone the extra mile to ensure that the efficacy of Maxalife’s Omega 3 Ultimate is far superior to that of any other product available…and more economical.

The bottom line is that they had four VERY sound reasons for putting the Ubiquinol into fish oil:

  • Ubiquinol being a fat soluble ingredient is a perfect match for our Omega 3 fish oil. The oil helps protect it through the digestive system and improve its bio-availability further.
  • Because Ubiquinol is very sensitive to oxygen, Maxalife produce the fish oil capsules in a oxygen-free environment therefore maintaining its full potency.
  • If you wish to receive the benefits of CoQ10 (Ubiquinol) then why not also get the benefits that the high quality fish oil provides? You get the DHA and all the anti-inflammatory properties. It just makes sense to combine them.
  • By incorporating Ubiquinol into the “Premium” version of Omega 3 fish oil you will get the highest quality product at the best competitive price. Instead of doubling up on manufacturing costs Maxalife adds the nutrient so the increase in cost over and above the Premium version only reflects the direct costs of the Ubiquinol and other directly associated costs.  This means that you are getting all the extra benefits of Omega 3 QH Ultra fish oil for not much more than you would pay for the Ubiquinol on its own.

Maxalife Omega 3 Ultimate

And don’t worry if you are not living in New Zealand because customers all over the world successfully buy this product. Maxalife fish oil ships worldwide and the delivery time is great.

And if you are unhappy with their Maxalife Omega 3 Ultimate product for any reason you can return any unopened bottles for a full refund any time within 6 months of your purchase.

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  1. charlie kimbrell says:

    I just received this product today. I took one pill about 20 minutes ago and I am already experiencing awful fish burps!!! These people claim to use the freshest and most pure ingredients. It is simply marketing mumbo-jumbo. Their product stinks as bad as any other i have taken and for them to say all the things they do about other products and the reasons for fish burps is really insulting now that they have duped me out of 55.00. So if you want a fish oil product that does not cause fish burps, this is NOT for you

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