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Omega 3 Fish Oil Side Effects

A fish-oil generally does not possess any serious side-effects when taken as per directions and this is true for everyone. However, at the same time there exists some amount of confusion too in their minds regarding the Omega 3 fish oil side effects that we are going to explain here.

Nowadays the Omega 3 fish oil has been in good demand among people and even doctors also recommend it for being a supplement full of beneficial properties for health.

However, at the same time there exists some amount of confusion too in their minds regarding the Omega 3 fish oil side effects that we are going to explain here.

Before digging deep into the discussion about Omega 3 fish oil side effects, it is necessary to gather some information first on fish oil and associated facts. Generally stating, fish oil refers to the fatty oil that can be obtained from the liver and/or other tissues of certain fishes of which the most common ones are tuna, salmon, bluefish, trout, etc. And this oil thus obtained contains a type of fatty acid known as Omega 3 eicosapentaenoic (EPA).

Omega-3 fish oil is considered as very essential for human body because of its health benefits as showed by several clinical studies. For instance, it plays a positive role in reducing the chance of heart-attack, lowers the blood-pressure and even helps in fighting anxiety, depression, etc. Unfortunately, our body does not produce this fatty-acid itself and that is why people often try to fulfill the need by means of supplements. But at the same time they also raise questions on Omega 3 fish oil side effects.

Omega 3 Fish oil side effects: fish oil does not cause any serious side effects when taken as per directions and this is true for everyone.

However, at the same time certain Omega 3 fish oil side effects can be noticed in case of high dosage and is mostly common to people who already have some kind of health issues and/or allergic to fishes.

Omega 3 Fish Oil Side EffectsFish oil may lead to the side-effects like bad-breath, heartburn, nausea, rash, etc. Besides, issues like the nosebleed are also likely especially when the usage exceeds the recommended 3 grams. Nevertheless, all these Omega-3 fish oil side effects usually arise only in case people take the supplement in the high dose.

Other than the above mentioned ones, consumption of fish oils that are obtained from the liver of fishes regarded as unsuitable, for example, cod liver oil. This is mainly on account of the fact that oil derived such contains a big amount of Vitamin A that is considered as medically unsafe! Similarly, the fish oil which is contaminated or not pure in the form is also capable of producing various side-effects.

Moreover, one should only choose the molecularly distilled fish-oil supplements. There have been numerous reports in the press about the high levels of toxins, such as mercury, present in fish, making fresh fish somewhat risky. A technique called “molecular distillation” is the basic component difference when picking up Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules. This technique is the process that takes the fish and takes away the poisons and other pollutants in our world ,eg heavy metals like mercury and other metals and PCBs.

You’d think the only ingredient contained in a fish oil supplement would be fish oil, but we have learned from years of analysis that some omega-3 supplements don’t contain fish oil.

Be mindful of labels that are imprecise or if the source of the oil isn’t listed. Many products being sold contain additions, artificial colorings, flavors and chemicals.

Furthermore, certain fishes like farmed Atlantic salmon and halibut, etc., are required to be avoided with regard to the environmental contamination of fish oil with toxins.

We have learned from years of research the best kind of fish for fish oil, is the New Zealand Hoki fish. Populations have been verified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. Further more, there are no known health risks from mercury or other pollutants connected with the Hoki.

Please check out our comprehensive fish oil selecting guide and learn more how to choose the best fish oil products.

Omega 3 fish oil side effects do exist, but they are rarely anything to write home about, especially if you follow the advice given above.

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